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Planning is a structured decision making process that tries to answer three primary questions: Where are we? Where do we want to be? How will we get there? We use this basic structure whether we are planning for our retirement, summer vacation or Sunday picnic.  Planning is a process of decision making that is future-focused.


Each community tailors plans that are unique to meet their own needs.  Many plans include topics focusing on transportation; water, sewer, and stormwater management; education; community services; agriculture; housing; health care; recreation; conservation; and communications. Each topic provides vital information for land use decisions.


Some of the most important decisions a community makes are how to physically arrange buildings, roads and water and sewer lines on the land. Placement of these improvements impact land values, how public services are provided, emergency services, taxes, location of manufacturing facilities and businesses, and where we live and play.


Who Participates?

As in most parts of the United States, land-use planning in Indiana County is carried out under the direction of the Indiana County Planning Commission appointed by the County Commissioners.  This Commission is staffed by planners from the Indiana County Office of Planning and Development who play essential roles in planning efforts, directly or working with planning consultants.


Good planning should represent the will of the community and its citizens.  Thus, the role of the citizen in the planning process is that of a planner.  The professional planners may play a role in facilitating the process but citizens, or their representative bodies, must be engaged for the planning process to be successful.  There are many ways for citizen planners to get involved in the county planning process and all Planning Commission meetings are open to the public.


What are the Products?

Besides the benefits realized as a community moves through the planning process, there are basically two products that emerge—plans and regulations to implement the plans.  The first is a blueprint, while the second is a tool.  For example, the Where We Live… A Comprehensive Plan for Indiana County sets a direction for the County, while local zoning regulates the location and shape of new development.  Plans represent goals and things to be achieved, while regulations represent the vehicles to reach those goals.


Information on the Planning Section's Current Projects and Recent Projects can be found here.



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