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Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance (SALDO)

A Subdivision And Land Development Ordinance (SALDO) is a tool used by local and County governments to regulate land development. This SALDO will replace the County's Subdivision Ordinance that was adopted in 1962 and amended, most recently in 1990. The guiding principle of our SALDO is to promote, encourage, and ensure responsible development rather than to restrict development.

Update - January 2022

Thank you to all who participated in our public in person and virtual meetings  during November and December.


The SALDO Project Team has been reflecting on, discussing, and working to address some of the comments and feedback received during our successful Round  2 of Public Outreach and Engagement.  Due to the nature of some of the comments  received and the need to address them appropriately, we will not be posting the  draft document at this time.  We hope to have it up soon, and we will provide  updates here accordingly.


A 45-day Public Comment Period will not begin until it is posted on the website  and available at the County Courthouse,  the ICOPD office, select municipal offices,  and all public libraries throughout the County.


Thank you again to all who have provided input and feedback toward this critically  important project.

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