Indiana Count Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance (SALDO)

Project Overview

The County of Indiana in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is currently selecting a third-party consultant for the preparation of a new Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO). The Subdivision Ordinance was adopted in November of 1962 and was last amended in 1990. The project will ensure that the new SALDO is:

      a) In compliance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC)

      b) Effectively reflecting the community development objectives in the Indiana County Comprehensive Plan which was adopted in 2012 and other plans.


Of the 38 municipalities six have adopted their own Subdivision or Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance. The county SALDO would serve the remaining 32 municipalities so it will be flexible enough to apply to a range of areas, priorities, visions and concerns.


The consultant selection process involves three steps.  Requests for Qualifications were sent out and responded to in October, and consultants selected for the next round of the process were issued a Request for Proposals.  Proposals are scheduled for review in mid-December, with consultant interviews happening in January 2017.


The County's selected consultant is scheduled to begin the SALDO preparation process in early 2017 and the project is expected to be completed within one year.


Any questions regarding the SALDO project or associated field work may be directed to Josh Krug, Deputy Director, Planning Section at (724) 465-3877 or

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